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St Matcha Japanese Matcha Powder | WAKANA
  • Bright green, superior culinary grade matcha powder from Fukuoka, Japan. Perfect for making matcha latte, smoothie, baking and for adding to any breakfast recipes.

    WAKANA MATCHA POWDER 60g (Superior Culinary Grade)

    PriceFrom $16.80
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    $16.80every month for 6 months
    • St Matcha’s “Wakana” is an extra-premium matcha powder* made from very high quality green tea leaves from Fukuoka, Japan. With its vivid green hue, mesmerising fragrance and bold yet rounded earthy flavour, our Wakana is a dream matcha for baking and for making that truly special cup of matcha latte.

      * Please note that our WAKANA matcha is not organic