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Japanese Matcha Gift Set by St Matcha
  • Brew matcha at home like a pro with our beautiful 3-piece essential matcha tea set.


    Whisk Holder Colour
    • This beautifiul 3-piece "essential" matcha tea set contains all the tools you need to create that magical cup of matcha latte or matcha tea - a must have for any serious matcha drinker.


      The 3-Piece Essential Matcha Tea Set contains:


      100-prong "Chasen" Matcha Whisk (茶筅): made from a single piece of bamboo, this specialty whisk is a must-have tool for whisking matcha into a delicious, frothy and clump-free brew


      Matcha Whisk Holder: a must have tool to prolong the life of your chasen matcha whisk.


      "Chashaku" Matcha Scoop (茶杓): a traditional matcha measuring spoon crafted from 100% natural bamboo. Each bamboo scoop measures approximately 1g of matcha.