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Japanese Chawan Matcha Tea Bowl by St Matcha

Our beautiful, rustic "NENDO" chawan matcha bowl has a deep oval bottom and wide open mouth, making it perfect for brewing matcha tea as well as matcha latte.


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  • "Chawan" is a traditional ceramic bowl used specifically for preparing and drinking matcha tea. Our aptly named NAMA ("raw") chawan matcha bowl is hand-made in Japan and is organically moulded and glazed to give it a rough, rustic look and feel. Fans of handmade artisanal pottery will love the slight uneven mould and the rough, crackled and speckled surface of the bowl. It has a deep, rounded bottom and a wide-open mouth, making it ideal for whisking matcha paste and frothing matcha tea. Our NAMA chawan matcha bowl is perfect for brewing usucha (thin matcha tea) as well as matcha latte and loose leaf tea.

    Note: our NAMA chawan bowl is intentionally designed to have a rough, crackled and speckled surface.