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Organic Hojicha Powder by St Matcha
  • Certified organic houjicha (hojicha) roasted green tea powder from Kyoto, Japan. A fragrant, nutty and toasty powder perfect for making latte, dessert and for baking.


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    • Discover the magic of roasted green tea latte with our organic houjicha powder! Invented in Kyoto, Japan, in the 1920s, houjicha (or hojicha) is made by lightly roasting green tea leaves to create a toasty, flavourful tea with a delicious hint of caramel and toffee (yum!). Our premium organic houjicha powder hails exclusively from Kyoto. It is perfect for making toasty houjicha latte and for making baked and non-bake pastries and desserts. Houjicha can be enjoyed any time of the day due to its lower caffeine content than typical matcha or green tea. For best result, we recommend adding 1-1½ teaspoons of sweetener when making houjicha latte. Enjoy!