Ceremonial Matcha Set by St Matcha
  • The ultimate matcha tea set containing our premium organic matcha, our "TETSU" matcha bowl and a complete set of tools for brewing authentic matcha latte and matcha tea.


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    • Our "TETSU" Complete Matcha Tea Set is specially curated to give you to the most authentic Japanese matcha experience! This beautifiul tea set contains one of our three most premium grade matcha + our complete 4-piece matcha tools to let you brew matcha latte or matcha tea in the most authentic (and delicious!) way possible. This complete matcha brew set comes with a matching beautiful gift box and is a must have (and a perfect gift!) for any serious matcha drinker.


      The Ultimate Matcha Tea Set contains:


      1x 40g RYO Organic Matcha Powder (Superior Culinary) [OR] 1x 60g WAKANA Matcha Powder (Superior Culinary) [OR] 1x 40g HAYATE Organic Matcha Powder (Extra-Superior Culinary) [OR] 1x 30g YUTAKA Organic Matcha Powder (Ceremonial)


      100-prong "Chasen" Matcha Whisk (茶筅): made from a single piece of bamboo, this specialty whisk is a must-have tool for whisking matcha into a delicious, frothy and clump-free brew


      TETSU "Chawan" Matcha Bowl (茶碗): a traditional Japanese ceramic bowl used specifically for preparing and drinking matcha tea. It has a deep, rounded bottom and a wide-open mouth, making it ideal for whisking matcha paste and frothing matcha tea. Size: 12.4cm (diameter) x 6.5cm (height)


      Matcha Whisk Holder: a must have tool to prolong the life of your chasen matcha whisk.


      "Chashaku" Matcha Scoop (茶杓): a traditional matcha measuring spoon crafted from 100% natural bamboo. Each bamboo scoop measures approximately 1g of matcha.



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